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Hey Guys,

In the spirit of getting personal, yesterday was a very emotional day for me. I got a special delivery from my mom who is actually in Africa. She bought those glasses with her first salary one year before my birth (I will turn 29 in August), so 30 years ago. Their value is more emotional than monetary, every time I see them they remind me of my childhood. My mom loves them so much that she only allowed us to use them at Christmas, new year’s eve and birthday parties. I remember how excited I was every time I had to set the table for dinner parties.

She never gave them away even when we stop using them. She kept them all these years moving from country to country with all the memories. I was very surprised when she decided to send them but also very happy because I always love them. I think it became a mother to daughter heritage and I hope I will have the chance to pass them to another generation and just like that, a new tradition is born…with the most precious gift.